Danish Style Influencing Summer’s Global Trend

The colorful style of Denmark’s most fashionable (and followed) is addressing a common wardrobe weakness – color.

By nature, humans are attracted to opposite character traits that address their subconscious weaknesses. We’ve all been exposed to that sentiment in some way or the other, you know, “the grass is always greener…” or “opposites attract” yada yada.

When it comes to style, do you fall under this category? Thanks to social media, Instagram in particular, I’ve become very aware that my identity is wrapped up in this idea of how I want to dress, and there’s nothing wrong with that! As I scroll through the “bookmark” section of my Instagram feed or screenshots in my camera roll, I face my style weakness, color.

Summer 2019 has been a season of vibrancy; neons, tie dye, and it’s being done in such a chic way that I *gasp*  have never wanted to wear color more.  Emily Sindlev, a freelance stylist from Copenhagen, has become my greatest inspiration this season. Through her, I discovered the colorful and effortlessly put together fashion scene of Denmark. Has Copenhagen become fashion’s unassuming color capitol of the world?

Also, consider this post an argument for why lime green is the color of Summer 2019.









IMG_6933 2.jpgIMG_6934


Is there a part of your wardrobe plagued with fear or something you want to try this Summer? I’ve incorporated bright colors in small ways; neon tie die socks, a lime green t-shirt, and a pink hat – whatever it may be, let it be you and if it resonates, maybe a little Danish too.

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