The Best Vendor in Chelsea Market

You have to try these tacos when you visit New York City!

Chelsea Market is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Manhattan. With history, and food, it’s a travelers paradise. There’s a good amount of vendors in Chelsea Market. You’ve got your New York basics – pizza, burgers, sandwiches, and then an international selection of ramen, bratwurst, and TACOS.


My love affair with tacos started in Boston, when my best friend Alyssa brought me to Lone Star Taco in Allston. That’s when I was converted from burrito lover to taco lover.

Braised pork, carne asada, cortija cheese, pickled onions, guacamole, crema, fresh corn tortillas – smoky and chewy – there’s nothing I love more.

When my boyfriend Chris told me I had to try these tacos at Chelsea Market, I didn’t take him seriously at first. Chelsea Market? Isn’t that just a tourist mob with overpriced vendors? Judgmental much? I quickly learned that Chelsea Market is much more than that, I mean this is New York City – food is what we do!

So we went. I tried their tacos, a few days later I asked to go again. My love affair with Los Tacos No. 1 began.


fullsizeoutput_2b9.jpegSimple menu, quality ingredients, Los Tacos proves why less is more when. The long line also says a lot. Just wait, I promise it’s worth it!


After ordering you wait by an open kitchen. They work fast behind that counter! They’ll ask you what kind of tortilla you want, flour or corn, and then ask if you want all the toppings.


Once they hand you your tacos it’s up to you to grab some lime, salsa, and hot sauce. It ranges from mild pico de gayo, to medium salsa verdé to hot salsa.



First off, the corn tortilla chips and guacamole, probably my favorite snack, are done with expertise. The guacamole is balanced; spice, acidity and texture coexist. The chips are perfectly crisp and salted.



I’ve tried almost all the tacos at Los Tacos No. 1. My favorite? Definitely the Carne Asada. The texture in that taco! You ever get a steak taco and the steak is just a little too tough? You end up pulling just the steak out of your taco, spilling toppings onto your plate and chewing for the next 30 seconds. This taco is tender and effortless.


The Carne Asada is topped with a generous amount of creamy avocado, balancing out the spicy beef with its smokey char, the bright cilantro and crunchy onions. My mouth is watering as I type. Kinda gross, not sorry!

Sweet, fatty and salty. That’s why the carnitas is my second favorite taco. The carnitas just falls apart and the (heavenly) salty fat is cut by the sweet pineapple and spicy sauce.


I didn’t order the chicken or the Nopal (cactus taco) this time around, I only had an appetite for my favorites.

They also have quesadilla tacos, where they melt cheese on the tortilla and then fill it. Chris ordered the carnitas quesadilla taco and added extra pico de gayo.


If you’re willing to wait about 10 minutes, I recommend you do. The prices are reasonable for NYC and you get a substantial meal full of flavor. Please try their tacos!


Check them out ->

Website: Los Tacos No. 1
Instagram: @losttacos1
Facebook: losttacosno1


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