The best weekend in Brooklyn

A couple Saturdays ago Chris had the day off (YAYAYAYAY!) and we got to spend it doing things we’ve wanted to cross off our list since moving here. The first, bike riding around Prospect Park *Check* and eating at Glou  *check* – a relatively new restaurant to the neighborhood that’s just begun serving brunch. Afterward we spent a relaxing day at our friend Rose’s, celebrating cinco de mayo with rooftop margaritas, tacos and lots of chips. I could eat tortilla chips forever. It was one of the greatest Saturdays of my life.

Here’s where I talk about the food.

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You didn’t think I was gonna share my weekend with you and not talk about food?

Let’s start with the menu. At Glou, expect traditional brunch fare that surpasses expectation. When Chris ordered the breakfast sandwich I envisioned right away what he was getting, instead, they pleasantly surprised with a soft boiled egg and thick bacon.

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At first I thought, damn… that looks good, then I thought – that looks difficult to eat *watches Chris take one pristine bite* nope not a problem. Naturally I went in for a bite right after.

I’m not the biggest breakfast sandwich person, but Chris loves them. This is a direct quote people, “best breakfast sandwich I’ve ever had in my life” and this is coming from the guy who HATES hard boiled eggs so I was shocked.

Honestly, we have to give it to the sauce game at Glou. Whatever aioli was on that sandwich, great, but it was this red sauce …. yeah let’s go there.

I wish I had a more up close photo of the sauce, but you get the gist. 

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This frickin red sauce was so good. I felt like it was their take on ketchup, Chris got salsa vibes, and I’m not sure if it was cumin (?) that I was picking up on or some sort of chipotle pepper, roasted red peppers…  I DON’T KNOW but it paired perfectly with our entire meal.

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A frittata is kind of a boring thing to order at brunch, I’ll admit that, but the seasoning was good and they didn’t skimp on the mushrooms and chèvre. I hate when I order a frittata, quiche, omelette and I’m looking for the filling- this was tasty and well cooked. Only thing I will say is it could have been a little warmer but I happily ate it so who cares.

As I said before, the sauce was the star of this brunch and every bite I took I couldn’t resist adding sauce to my fork. The acid of the sauce was the perfect counterpart to our savory dishes.

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Glou’s take on home fries are fingerling potatoes, roasted and sautéed in butter with thyme- blissfully done. Crisp, soft, they were the perfect side.  I mean look at that buttery glisten uhhh huh, yeah I’m talking about potatoes. AGAIN, the sauce was like your Grandma’s gravy on thanksgiving, you’re pouring that goodness all over everything and loving your life.

Last but not least, Chris and I paired our brunch with the recommended Graft Lost Tropic mimosa cider. If you’re looking to switch up your brunch beverage, the hoppy, citrus notes of this cider pair very well. The cider also matched the local quality of our meal – brewed in Newburgh, NY.

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Don’t expect to be thrown from your chair with brunch magic, it’s just brunch! I mean, c’mon, everyone in New York is doing brunch and I’m not sure how you stand out. This is where you go when you want an elevated brunch in a casual setting that delivers on quality. Their portion sizes were just right and I appreciated their presentation – neat, appealing, wasn’t trying too hard.

It wasn’t packed, we were one of two groups present – but I felt comfortable. It’s a difficult corner to pitch this type of dining experience. For a neighborhood that’s evolved tremendously since even we’ve been here, it has a good shot of surpassing the previous tenant.

I really hope Glou sticks around and I’m looking forward to taking advantage of the wine bar for dinner and small plates. HEY CHRIS, Friday night, wanna get dinner at Glou? Cool – see you there.

Check out Glou here———>>>>> THEIR WEBSITE








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