Can’t stop listening to Twin Peaks

and you should start (if you don’t already.)

I can’t stop playing Twin Peaks lately and it’s potentially getting out of hand. Neither of my room mates have told me to stop so I’m just gonna keep it going, you know?

WHO ARE THEY? They’re not new, just new to me.  They formed sometime around the 2010s in Chicago.

SOUNDS LIKE. 60s garage rock meets 2010s garage punk. (

The most recently released a LP titled Sweet 17′ Singles February 9th 2018

The final song on the LP is an instrumental piece titled, “We Will not Make it (not without you)” It was a great way to finish off the record.

Does anyone else go through phases with music? Like you get really obsessed with one band until you’ve listened to them too much and move on… kind of like dating I guess, but with commitment problems and a lot of baggage.

Anyway, here’s a couple of my favorite songs by them with some pretty awesome low budget videos that I really appreciate.

Hope you listened and that “Making Breakfast” brightened up your day a little bit like it does for me.



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