Brunch at Blessings Café in Brooklyn, NY

Brunch at Blessings, Brooklyn NY


Hey guys! I feel like I need to do a café/brunch series because lately my blog is being taken over by food. I’m actually not sure how to feel about. What do you think? I’m really enjoying sharing the great foodie spots Chris and I discover in Brooklyn. Now let me tell you about our latest meal.

Blessing’s Café is a quaint spot located on Flatbush Ave. right off of Prospect Park. Don’t let the small exterior fool you, there’s actually a lot of space in this rural meets urban decorated spot.

Brunch at Blessings Café in Brooklyn, NY


You walk in and immediately are greeted by a large wooden table and a warm array of floral decor. We didn’t plan on staying for brunch, but a friendly greeting and a backyard patio quickly changed our minds.

Brunch at Blessings Café in Brooklyn, NY


The outdoor space was relaxed and effortlessly cute. Not to mention something else effortlessly cute…. (I’m sorry, but look at him!)


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We ordered two iced lattes – mine with almond milk. They tasted great and I loved the glass.

Brunch at Blessings Café in Brooklyn, NY


THE FOOD. Let. Me. Tell. You. It’s not that I had low expectations, I just didn’t expect to be blown away. The portions were plentiful and the quality was exactly what we were looking for.

Chris got the steak and eggs, and although it took some time – their french toast really took a toll on my decision making skills, I caved for the avocado on olive toast with a fried egg. Now listen, I know the “hub bub” over avocado toast and millennials and “blah blah blah” but when avocados are $3.99 each in your neighborhood and you need to get your fix you order the damn toast.

Brunch at Blessings Café in Brooklyn, NY


I was so happy I did. The toast was cut an inch thick and toasted to perfection. They didn’t skimp on the avocado either, which was well seasoned. The toast was finished with a fresh squeeze of lemon and then topped with that beautiful fried egg. It was the best avocado toast I’ve had. #1 !!

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Chris with the steak and eggs. That STEAK. For $16.00 you get all that steak and it was cooked the way we like it. It was so good. If you’re a meat lover I highly recommend that – I kept stealing bites. The egg was filled with cheese, we weren’t sure what kind but it was creamy and a little sharp. I couldn’t believe the portion of steak, it was unreal.



I left happy and I left satisfied. If you find yourself in Brooklyn, or on this side of town, please please PLEASE stop by Blessings Café and say your prayers cause it’s gonna knock. You Out.

Brunch at Blessings Café in Brooklyn, NY


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