Editorial Time Capsule Italian Vogue 1990

Italian Vogue 1990

“The Sisters”

Italian Vogue, Summer 1990

Styled by Alice Gentilucci and photographed by Ellen Von Unwerth

Linda Evangelista & Christy Turlington











Fashion is a constant evolution, so for one to say that style triumphed  at a specific time is relative, but damn those 9o’s.  I watched the film “Unzipped” when I came home from Brooklyn for NYE. Naomi Campbell,Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington, Kate Moss & Cindy Crawford all being candid. I’ve been aware of these supermodels my entire life but never zoomed in.

It’s easy to become infatuated with these women. They’re beautiful, fashionable, & mysterious. In a world of Hadids, Jenners, and Victoria Secret fashion shows I’ve been feeling inspirationally stale. I’m not saying these women are not gorgeous and talented, I’ve just been feeling a bored from their media saturation. I recommend seeking out editorials of the past by photographers, stylists and creators to give you a push in a new direction. X em

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