Birch Tree Bread Company

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This post is long overdue, as I’ve been wanting to go to Birch Tree Bread Company for a year now. I don’t drive into Worcester as often as I should, especially since it has highly ranked restaurants, thrift shops and antique stores – coincidentally my favorite things.

Birch Tree did not disappoint, rather lived up to the atmosphere and grub I long envisioned (and Instagram stalked.) Simple, rustic, and a notable appreciation for the historic building it calls home, the atmosphere was casual yet endearing.

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The front of the cafe/bakery. You are instantly greeted with the open environment at Birch Tree. A giant chalk menu faces what I’m assuming is a usual line of eager guests. My eyes continuously shifting from baked goods to salad to toast and drinks, I was obviously a newbie at the counter. Once our order was in they gave us a a number and brought it to our table, drink pick up style. Have I ever told you how much I love that system?

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The hard wood floors are immaculate as well as the sunlight pouring through the dining area. A piano sits in the corner waiting for weekend musicians. Random pieces of antique furniture come together forming an eclectic union.

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Thirsty for some water? There’s a table on your way to the seating area with complimentary water and mason jars. Respect.

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Okay, time to get to the food. I wanted to try a couple things cause I hadn’t eaten all day, but also needed too after reading their desription. Above is their yogurt and granola. They ask you what kind of yogurt you want, whole or skim and topping, jam or honey. I went with skim and the raspberry jam. The portion was huge and although I didn’t finish it all, it was a balanced dish with a proportional amount fixings.

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Yo, let’s talk about this toast, it is called Birch Tree Bread Company after all. Each distinguished bread has a complimentary topping, love that attention to detail. I chose the olive and herb bread with whipped feta, olive oil and fresh herbs. The olives where notable, even juicy dare I say? The feta was tart but cut through the bitterness of the olives. I personally should have put a little pepper on mine, ya’ll know I love me some black pepper. Anyways, there’s a lot of options – sandwiches, soup, baked good, and more toasts varying from sweet to savory.

Besides the food, they have a typical drink menu with an addition of a special. I ordered the special, a Lavender London Fog. Although it wasn’t my first time seeing that combination, it was my first time trying it (decided not to go with my usual cappuccino cause I had way too much caffeine already that day, but here foam art is TO DIE.) I’ve had lavender drinks before where my reaction usually goes something like this, “YUP there’s flowers in this” but not this time. It was refreshing.

Birch Tree Bread Company masters proportion, variety, and simplicity of cafe style eating with an environment fit for a hipster, families and college students. With live music on the weekends and the friendliest staff I encountered in a while, It was a perfect way to spend a day off.

Birch Tree Bread Company | 774.243.6944

138 Green St. Worcester MA 01604

IG: @brichtreebreadcompany



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