Rodarte S/S 2016

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There she is, my inner 1970s self divulging into poetry, listening to her vinyl and day dreaming of rock Gods on the NYFW Rodarte runway. My jaw dropped as crushed velvets, swinging embellishments, neck ties and plunging neck lines made me want EVERYTHING. This collection is a nice transition on this season’s take on signature 1970s trends and digs deeper into the individual styles of social groups, woman of the 1970s interpreting cultural trends and applying them to their personal style. Being a huge “Almost Famous” fan and a softy for anything Yves Saint Laurent (especially during the 70s) I felt a strong, personal connection to this collection. I also felt like Penny Lane would have worn everything and that on it’s own makes me glow with satisfaction. A nostalgic collection with a modern adaptation, gets me every time. Please, take a look at this collection, zoom in on the details, and if you’re anything like me swoon over every piece.

x, Em

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