A Muse For All Seasons


I’m not sure how to put into words what my Autumn muse symbolizes in my current life, but to sum it up without rambling on in gushing adoration, here’s a summary. Smart, adventurous, free and creative, Willy Van Rooy was not just a style icon for several decades (60s, 70s, & 80s) but an international top model and designer.


Rooy was a muse to Yves Saint Laurent himself (she actually denied being his actual muse to focus on her design career in Spain but still…) and was a freelance designer along Karl Lagerfeld. She launched her own business, designing shoes and accessories worn by the most influential celebrities of her time. The fashion images of Willy remain iconic and during a season where the 1970s as a fashion genre is prominent and a time where I find myself feeling a little lost as a post grad, Willy Van Rooy is an inspiration for me professionally and creatively. What I would do to own a pair of her boots. Here she is.

x, Em

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