Walkin the Walk & Talkin the Talk

IMG_0180.jpgIf there’s one excuse to walk Boston’s Newbury St. on arguably the muggiest day of the year, it’s a Zara sale. Yes, I got some goodies which I’ll share with you guys soon, but honestly it was just refreshing to “bop around” with Alyssa, one of my bestest friends and photog for the next couple photos.

IMG_0181.jpgOOTD: Carmar Overalls/Adidas Original/ Bag: Urban Outfitters/White Tee: H&M

IMG_0177.jpgIMG_0178.jpgBoston is a beautiful city, filled with history, a lovely skyline and great nightlife. Newbury St. is where the majority of the shopping happens with brands increasing in luxury as you head toward the Public Gardens (Hynes Convention St. to Arlington.) There’s great restaurants, great people watching, and cupcakes. I’m a girl with a sweet tooth and that’s how I like it.

IMG_0179.jpgIMG_0184.jpgNewbury St. is home to some great Tapas restaurants, which is my latest obsession. Alyssa and I went for Italian Tapas at Piattini, which actually means small plates in Italian (so cute right?)

IMG_0182.jpgWe weren’t ready to end our day here, so we headed to Boylston St. for a couple more drinks. Alyssa was raving about this bar she had gone to called Bar Boulud, so that was our stop. Great view of the famous St. and dope interior decorated with wine bottles and curvy carpentry.

IMG_0183.jpgWith my latest drink obsession being a Dark n’ Stormy, obviously I had to get one… or a couple. I’ve had quite the assortment of this classic drink since the summer started and let me tell ya – this was the best one yet. Happy hour, happy day, happy Em.




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