The Neck Scarf

Retro vibes are the essence of this season. Besides the obvious 1970s reigning supreme, you can’t have trends without the influence of time. The neck scarf, which so many associate with 1950s sock hops, eventually evolving into 70s chic and 80s business casual, has made it’s way to the 2010’s. What’s the appeal? Maybe it’s our obsession with the seventies and vintage accessories, or perhaps it’s the fashion world’s continuous craving for something new. Could it be the blurring of feminine and masculine lines in the form of cowboy influence or Annie Hall?

From the runway to current street style and festival wear, the neck scarf (bandana, handkerchief) is making a statement. Whether western influenced, retro, or business eclectic, I love it! Also, might I add that handkerchiefs are super affordable. Hit up your local thrift shop, vintage boutique or antique shop and you’re gonna find a one of a kind scarf that will add character to your wardrobe.



Thanks Ladies 😉


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