Celebrating Alyssa’s birthday and  the best pizza ever

IMG_0527.JPGBoston was a beautiful place to be this weekend. Between the pride of all its New England inhabitants in honor of the marathon, sunny weather, and my lovely best friend Alyssa’s birthday, I was loving Boston more than usual (it’s difficult when I’m so in love with London.)



We grabbed an early lunch at Piccio’s on Tremont St. in the South End. If you’re hungry, I’m sorry for the food porn. Pizza and champagne is how we rolled. Lyss got a margherita pizza with goat cheese, covered in arugula salad and parmesan while I got a marg. pizza also with goat cheese, (we kinda have an obsession with goat cheese) roasted red peppers and sautéed spinach.

This is the best pizza I’ve ever had. I knowwwwww serious statement and yes, I have had pizza in Italy. What made it the best? They hardly skimped on toppings, I had more goat cheese than I think acceptable for the portion I consumed and the crust! It was so fluffy but perfectly charred and crispy. I definitely will go back again and I recommend you all take a trip!



White sneaker gang was also a thing. Besides all dressing a little too less than, New Englander’s sometimes get ahead of themselves when it’s a warm day after a winter like ours, we all had on white sneaks. Alyssa had her adidas, Shawnna wore low top chucks and I gave my AF1s a walking in. Also might I add that my adidas came in today and I don’t know how I went on for so long without them. So that’s a wrap, how was your weekend?



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