Adidas Obsessed


Its arrived, the day I’m obsessed with all white Original Superstar Adidas. I love white sneakers, from the classic Converse low tops (and high) to the Vans slips ons, they’re a staple in my wardrobe. It’s no surprise I’ve finally caught on to the trend (I’m behind I know) but I was hesitant at first. Maybe it was the association with my horrible middle school days. I had the light blue pair, wearing them everyday with the classic American Eagle flare jean and Hollister logo tee uniform. I know I’m not alone in this, am I right people?

It must have been March that set me off. Not a day of fashion week went by without someone wearing the sneakers on the streets of the shows, globally. For so long my go to white sneakers have been the same, and what attracts me is the newness of the Adidas Superstar. They are anything but new, they say (my professors) that trends either come back every 10 years or 4, only difference is the uniform. The big decision remains, white stripes or black?



Here’s how it’s being styled on the streets!

Adidas 2
Two Piece/Jumpsuit Interpretation

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