Whatcha’ got there?

I almost began my post talking about how the trend began – with Karl Lagerfeld’s F/W 2014 now iconic grocery store runway, utilizing the designs of shopping baskets, milk cartons, and cereal boxes as quirky handbags for the errand running models. I then realized I would be mistaken because he’s not responsible for this trend rather just recycled it as trends are evolutions. As fashion history is a passion of mine, I believe paying homage to early innovators is important. I decided to look into it. The main question I asked myself was who is responsible for playful fashion – and it clicked, Schiaparelli.

For those of you who have never heard of the French couture designer, she reigned during the 1920s and 30s when her surrealist designs sent shockwaves through the fashion industry, breaking down the “serious” fashion barrier that separated luxury from eccentric.

The mini novelty bag is a perfect example of the trend cycle, making its way back to us just like it did decades before. It appears to show up in every decade, each with a modern spin or in this case a nostalgic take. Luxe to high street, the trend has also transitioned from Fall/Winter into Spring. What do you think? Below is a small collection I put together, from expensive to a college budget. I’m personally obsessed with the ace of hearts bag from Asos. Love it.

Novelty Bags
ASOS/$36.00, Stella Mcartney/$1,090/Nordstrom, Alice&Olivia/$198.00, Gelareh Mizrahe/$250/Nordstrom, NastyGaxNilaAnothony/$45.00, MOSCHINO/$545.00,

OH and almost forgot. The most memorable novelty bag of them all, the one Mr. Big gave to Carrie Bradshaw. She couldn’t get down with it, but I bet she’d love the Alice & Olivia one! (Sex&TheCity)

And thanks to Mr.Big, we'll never forget the duck bad of the 1990s.

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